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Broadway Black Activism

The Broadway Advocacy Coalition holds space for Black Artists in an Online Seminar

The Broadway Advocacy Coalition is hosting a three day online seminar to discuss racism in the Broadway community. The forum, entitled “Broadway for Black Lives Matter Again” brands itself as an opportunity for the Broadway community to “heal, listen, and hold itself accountable to its history of white supremacy while moving towards becoming an anti-racist and equitable space.” “Broadway for Black Lives Matter Again” is open to all people who work in the theatre.

The Broadway Advocacy Coalition’s mission statement:  Building the capacity of advocates, students, artists, organizations and communities to use the arts as an integral part of their social change work. We believe that placing Artistry at the center of solving today’s most pressing issues will create a new type of dialogue and impact. 

DAY 1: A Day of Healing

Wednesday, June 10th 5pm – 6:30pm ET

BLACK OUT – This day is intended as a safe space for Black industry members to share their experiences with racism, gain resources for self care, and identify the tools of unlearning the effects of systematic oppression. DAY 1 is intended for Black industry members only.

DAY 2: A Day of Listening

Thursday, June 11th 5pm – 6:30pm ET

This day is a space to center the experiences of Black industry professionals, while challenging white allies to bear witness and reflect on what it means to dismantle implicit bias as it relates to institutional, structural, interpersonal and internalized racism.

DAY 3: A Day of Accountability

Friday, June 12th 5pm – 6:30pm ET

This day is a space to begin examining accountability within the Broadway industry – rooted in its history of individual and systemic racism. This is a time to collectively manifest an anti-racist theatrical landscape, while exploring the steps towards realizing that dream.

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