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Southern University Human Jukebox Has Us Feeling A Brand New Day!

There is nothing quite like the anticipation of sitting in the stands and anxiously awaiting the band to take the field during a half time show. Everyone on the yard has spent day after day listening to small refrains of drum lines here and there and are ready to see their school set fire to the field and dazzle and delight fans with renditions of popular music both past and present. HBCU bands can invoke such pride and nostalgia by simply tuning in to the crowd and knowing just the right thing to play at the right time. Imagine, one of the quintessential HBCU bands, Southern University Human Jukebox positioning themselves on the sidelines for their performance. Scattered applause is heard throughout the arena. Fans are seated at the very edges of the cold metal seats in the stands waiting for that first note, that first indication that the band is about to throw down. Many are already on their feet straining for the very best possible view of the band. The elongated figure of the drum major double times it out to the center of the field, contorting his body at impossible angles, then quickly snapping upright.

Suddenly, the Human Jukebox members snap to attention and the band rushes the field in precise lines with the fall sun glinting off of the metallic instruments. Children whisper excitedly, “I wonder what they are going to do?” The moment is expanded to the very edges of anticipation. The band begins to play while simultaneously creating dazzling geometric designs on the field. The crowd begins to cheer and suddenly a familiar refrain drifts through the air. “Can you feel a brand new day? Can you feel a brand new day?” The band has formed itself into words that spell out THE WIZ!! (#TheWiz section starts at the 2 minute mark)


It is a magical moment, a sweet embrace of the wonderful things that tie our community of color together. The cacophony of sound celebrates the excitement of the reboot of a classic. It is these indescribable moments that make the Black community so special. The collision of massive talent, the swagger that makes all that we touch have flash and flare. The rhythm and the beat that strengthens our bond because we know every time we get together, it’s going to be a sho nuff good time! And no matter what collective evils attempt to prevail, this community, our community unique and lively and beautiful will always reflect the light that is in us back to the world. Can you feel a brand new day? 

Tune in to The Wiz Live! on NBC December 3rd!

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