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You’re Gonna Love Me And My Limited Resources: A Self-Tape Audition Guide

Some people dread it, some are naturals and if you are on the side left wanting, it doesn’t make it any better when you see a professionally produced audition.

No worries, because today we are going to talk about how you can self-tape, no matter your budget.


If you don’t have a camera, use your cell phone

As a wise king once said, “remember who you are.” You’re an artist and a creative. Although filming may not be your ministry, it comes with the territory. Use the most versatile tool in your arsenal, your phone.

If Beyoncé can film an entire music video on a phone, then it should not be an issue for you to film an audition.

If you don’t have a tripod

Photo courtesy of Marcus Vinícius A. Ribeiro

Set your camera up on a bookshelf, stack together some books on top of a chair,  do whatever it takes. Just make it work and the audience will never know. However, do make sure that the camera’s microphone is not covered.


If you don’t have a ring light

Now you KNOW how the sun feels about melanin. Moisture and step into the spotlight. Shoot your audition in the daytime and use the sun as your lighting. An additional suggestion, make sure to not wait until too close to sundown or you may lose your light.


If you don’t have a computer

Edit on your phone. There are plenty of free apps available. A few favorites include iMovie (iPhone only) and InShot. Also, if you have a Samsung Galaxy, it comes with a built-in video editor. Navigate to the video in your gallery and click on the pencil to edit.


If you don’t have clear background or space in your home

Work with what you have. Move furniture, toss the laundry out of frame (do NOT start folding the laundry. That is positive procrastination.)


Here are some other things to consider during and after filming:

Landscape Portrait courtesy of Samson Katt


Unless otherwise noted in the audition requirements, film in landscape (horizontal) not in portrait (vertical).

Make sure to watch the tape before you change clothes. This cannot be stressed enough. Make sure that you are happy with the results before relaxing and pouring that glass of wine. You cannot monitor everything while filming, but you can spot issues when you review. If there is an issue and you’ve already settled in for the day, you’ll have to dig even deeper to put yourself together to re-shoot.

Do you have any additional tips on self-tape with limited resources? Share them so we can all win or tweet us @BroadwayBlack.

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A creative who inspires others to see that the limit does not exist in theatre, in their lives, nor the world. Director | Filmmaker | Photographer | Makeup Artist | Shapeshifter


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