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ProductionPro: Helping Artists Do It For Themselves

Over the last 10 years, the theater industry has experienced a significant artistic boost with performers flocking to New York and L.A. by the thousands every year. On the flip side, performing arts was also recently listed in Forbes as one of the lowest starting salaries for graduating students. Artists have now realized that if they want a gig, they may have to create it themselves. With mediums like YouTube, Instagram and Vine and networking platforms like The New York Musical Theater Festival and The Fringe Festival, artists are capitalizing on the opportunity to create and premiere their own work, and they’re using ProductionPro to do it.

ProductionPro, founded by theater graduate Alex Libby, is “a mobile service that allows users to mock up visuals by assembling all the concepts and designs on one platform and sharing the most up to date version of each production at any given time.” Basically, you can see the show before the show.

Available on the App Store, with ProductionPro, users can:
-Create a new show
-Centrally access all shows – new and archived
-Create a customized visual breakdown of each scene or beat in a show
– Automatically break down a PDF of a script regardless of what format it’s written in.
– Connect ideas and designs to the breakdown of your Shows.
– Present images for each scene or beat.
– Quickly navigate to any moment in the Script simply by flipping the orientation of the iPad.
– Access an outline of the Show when a script is not yet available.
– Collaborate on a Show in real-time from anywhere.

Libby and his “team of highly-skilled software engineers and experienced Show People from film and theatre” are very familiar with what it takes to comprise a show. Libby himself is a former production assistant and stage manager for shows including Legally Blonde, Wicked and Billy Elliot.

The startup is currently celebrating earning top honors at the Made in NY Media Center Demo Day. Their success not only marks their position as an efficient, growing media service, but also proves, that sometimes, especially in a field as competitive as entertainment, you simply have to make your own way.

Find out more about this app and how it can be help your creative work by downloading it on your iPad and visiting the website.


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