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Motown: The Musical Flash Mob On Virgin Air

The old fashioned days of air travel where you put on your nice clothes and are served edible food may be gone, but Richard Branson and Virgin Air want to at least give you a little in flight entertainment. On the flight from London Heathrow to Detroit Metropolitan Airport the cast of Motown: The Musical motown flightentertained with a medley of songs from the show.  The founder and CEO used this opportunity to give Hittsville, USA a little extra love with the new direct flight.  There is no better tribute to a place then to share the songs of its people with others. Onlookers pulled out phones and iPads to record the once in a lifetime entertainment.  Branson himself even joined the cast for one of their songs. That cast included Donald Webber Jr.. who is seen leading the first song, Get Ready!. As well as some other Broadway Black favorites: Syndee Winters, Rod Harrelson, Jawan Jackson, Patrice Covington, & more cast members from the National Tour and the Broadway run.

Motown: The Musical, Coming to a Stage Near You?

Motown: The Musical has been sweeping the country telling Berry Gordy’s stories of Motown. This also served as a great promotion for the musical which will be headed to London next year. Find out more on the snazzy London website for the musical. You can also see the show on tour across the U.S. right now. Find more information on seeing Motown:The Musical while it is on the national tour HERE.

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