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Watch This! 3-Year-Old Recites Countee Cullen’s “Hey Black Child”

Remember this name; Pe’Tehn Raighn Kem. If you haven’t seen the video already you need to stop what you’re doing and check out 3-year old Pe’Tehn Raighn Kem from Bronzeville, IL. recite Countee Cullen’s (St.Louis Woman) uplifting “Hey Black Child.”

Hey Black Child
Be what you can be
Learn what you must learn
Do what you can do
And tomorrow your nation
Will be what you what it to be

The poem’s message at the core is about the uplifting of the young black child. Telling the child not to limit themselves, always go after their dreams and try their best. A message that many parents have always instilled in their children, Pe’Tehn’s parents included.

“She’s been reading since she was about 18 months,” her mother, Andrea told the hosts of the Chicago daytime talk show Windy City Live. Andrea and her husband exposed Pe’Tehn to the recited words early on.

If you’re not already impressed, Pe’Tehn memorized  Countee Cullen‘s poem “Hey Black Child” in just one week and recited the poem to an audience during the show. Did we mention that she is 3-years old? I’m sure if Mr. Cullen was still alive today he’d be proud to see his work being appreciated by even our youngest artists.

This black child is certainly learning what she can and then some.


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